Updating windows mobile 5 to 6

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Communication abilities were further enhanced with a new Microsoft Bluetooth Stack and Vo IP (Internet calling) support with AEC (Acoustic Echo Cancelling) and MSRT Audio Codec.

I have HTC Ty TN II with Windows Mobile 6.1 and would like to update to Windows Mobile 7.5.

You can do it yourself with little hassle and minimal knowledge of the subject.

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Even after they've spent a year optimizing the OS, You need at least 256MB, 480x800px, and 800MHz for Windows Phone.

If you want more specs about your device, you can find it here simply cannot on the Ty TN II; if you want to use any version of Windows Phone from 7 and above, you need to buy different hardware.

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There are reports that it works fine in 32 bit version, and that it might work with the 64bit version if you disable driver signing.It was renamed "Windows Mobile" in 2003, at which point it came in several versions (similar to the desktop versions of Windows) and was aimed at business and enterprise consumers.By 2007, it was the most popular smartphone software in the U.I just successfully upgraded my HTC Touch Dual (known as NIKE in other regions) from windows mobile 6.0 to 6.5. I wasted 5 hours at this point when i bricked my mobile because it will not flash correctly.It took me the better part of 6 hours to fully research and figure out how to do it. So find an old Win XP machine just while you are doing this.

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