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In romantic movies, the main character is always a successful woman running around doing a hundred things at once.

She’s bitter and convinced that real love doesn’t exist—until she suddenly bumps into and spills coffee all over Prince Charming on the street.

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But because they are so active and dedicated to career success, they sideline dating. Today, our Philadelphia matchmakers will show you the top five signs you’ve been single for too long.The majority of those surveyed, 58%, said they would date a virgin and 53% reported never having had a ‘friends with benefits’ type relationship.It also was discovered that there weren’t that many differences in opinions when each sex was looked at separately.Our Exton matchmakers from Philly’s best matchmaking service have the answers you’re looking for, even if it’s not what you want to hear.To see if your guy is worth giving it another go or if it’s time to break ties, look for the following signs.

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