How to cope with an intimidating boss

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But how can you be certain that you are dealing with a manipulative boss? See Also: How to Deal With Emotional Manipulation in The Workplace If your boss likes reminding you how much he has helped you or how hard it is to make it out there, among other veiled threats, it is time to hold your head straight and let him see your confidence.Manipulative people rarely pick people who are brimming with self-confidence as their victims.But in many cases, if you can understand your boss’ personality trait, and how to deal with that personality type, it can help.So here are some of different types of particularly difficult personality traits I have found in managers I have worked with, along with a few ways to get along with each type of person.Passive aggressiveness is a strategy used when a person basically isn’t able to confront issues directly so instead will use indirect means of criticizing you.It could be in the form of comments or actions that make you question yourself or cause you to make mistakes.Solution: Do your job right and on time, face your boss with self-assurance, and insist on professionalism in how you will deal with each other.Learn to fight fair from the beginning and uphold reason in your dealings.

The only way to deal with passive aggressive behavior is to recognize it and address it at the time it is happening. Simply let the person know that their comment was not ok and that their rudeness is not necessary.While in some cases it is subtle and perhaps “tolerable”, experts warn that manipulation can easily turn to psychopathic levels, if not tamed.Forbes Magazine explains that in the executive and senior management ranks, psychopathy behaviour is more common than the world is willing to admit.Bosses who intimidate or humiliate employees, or cause fear in the workplace through their sarcasm are posing significant legal risks for the company in which they work.By maintaining professionalism, you avoid responding to your boss with inappropriate communication or behavior.

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