Who is lauryn hill dating now

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The neo-soul legend is approximately halfway through a three-month sentence inside the Danbury penitentiary, located a little more than 80 miles from her hometown of South Orange, N.J., where she launched her illustrious career with the influential hip-hop trio The Fugees in the early 1990s.But it’s that album, her lone studio record, which exhibited her undeniable talent and, more importantly helped propel hip-hop into the mainstream and international phenomenon that it’s become today.

And she was like, "I don't wanna fuck with them, I just wanna get a whole new crew." Vada Nobles (producer/programmer): My friend Kilo called and said, "Yo, bring some music, Lauryn Hill wants us to come to her house!

It doesn’t mean she’s a bad person or I’m a bad person.

It just didn’t work out,” he said“[Our relationship] is good as in…

Back then, radio could still make a somebody out of a nobody, and you couldn’t get recorded music for free unless you taped it live off the radio.

People would line up to buy an artist’s new CD the day it came out, because to hear it, you had to own a piece of plastic with that song recorded on it. Biggie Smalls’s “Ready to Die” was one of those records.

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