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winner, Whitney Bischoff, revealed to Us Weekly in an exclusive new interview that she is "casually dating" after splitting from her fiancé, Chris Soules, this past spring.The Chicago-based fertility nurse, 30, was joined by franchise stars including Nick Viall, Josh Murray, and others at the Bachelor and Bachelorette Thursday Night Football event at Tacos & Tequila at the Morongo Casino Resort & Spa in Cabazon, Calif., on Thursday, Oct. PHOTOS: All the ladies on Bachelor Chris' season!The couple was totally engaged in their conversation enjoying each other's company and they seemed to have a good chemistry.They didn't care a lot about the public and looked very happy.According to some source, the couple seemed cozy and affectionate over the weekend and tried to hook up at Drake's star-studded Memorial Day party.19 years old model Hailey Baldwin was spotted waiting for Drake in Hollywood hotspot "The Nice Guy" for dinner, the following night.After an enjoyable night, the couple left separately to make sure that they won't be spotted publicly.The source also revealed that it was Baldwin, wearing a gold charm necklace with gothic letter "h" before the dinner.

Of the nine I've experienced since dating my first boyfriend at age 14, I've spent all but two of them single — though not necessarily "alone." This year is no exception. If I really want to show (a moderate amount of) affection for someone I'm casually dating, I'd much rather do something nice for him.I think the best gifts we could give each other are intangible ones like responding to each other's texts when we actually read them, taking turns having uncontested control of the evening's Netflix selection,or letting the overnight guest stay as long as they want instead of until the host wants to be alone.Then, we can take whatever money we would've spent on a physical Valentine's Day gift on the only person we really need to love: ourselves.There’s a middle ground that tends to get overlooked when New Year’s Eve rolls around.I see articles with suggestions or ads trying to either procure established couples to have dinner at their establishments and deals for singles parties.

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