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In one corner was Beau Gascoigne, representing York's Roman legionaries. "People aren't just flying to York to see the history," said Rosa. We had the Tour de France, and the record for the York Parkrun is held by Olympian Jonathan Brownlee." The aim of the public speaking competition is to encourage York's young people to love the city's history and heritage, says York Civic Trust's Verna Campbell - and also to give them the chance experience speaking and debating in public, a skill that will stand them in good stead.Opposing him - and sporting a Viking helmet tilted rakishly over one eyebrow - was Ellen York, standing up for the Vikings. There were certainly plenty of skilled debaters taking to the floor on Wednesday night.Ricky’s been playing at least 16, 17 years.” 5) This one might be my second favorite.This wasn’t too long ago, I think it was the year he ended up playing with the Red Sox.

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He has had roles on Community, Arrested Development, and Loiter Squad.

He also tours the country to perform his stand-up comedy.

Anyway, he called San Diego GM Kevin Towers and left the following message: “This is Rickey calling on behalf of Rickey.

Rickey wants to play baseball.” 6) This one happened in Seattle.

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