Mingle2 dating phases

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I’ve had three similar experiences right in a row and quite frankly I’m baffled. I was asked out by three men after the usual process of emails and phone conversations (it’s not easy to get to that point! Dear BH, In 2002, Lisa Belkin wrote an incredible piece for The New York Times Magazine about coincidence.

) only to have the date canceled (they were all made about a week in advance) because each said they had met someone over the weekend! As any smart dater knows (as does anyone who is job hunting) that just because you have a good first date/job interview doesn’t mean you should cancel all your other scheduled dates/interviews. Coincidence, is, literally “the occurrence of events that happen at the same time by accident, but seem to have some connection”.

We look for “signs” and things that are “meant to be”, when, in fact, it is often no more than coincidence – separate events that we link in our mind to try and explain what happened.

Is it possible to have two brothers killed by the same taxi driver in accidents one year apart?

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Go and read the 11 page article later, but keep that definition in your head for a moment.

Is it possible that all three smart, professional men actually met other women over the weekend? Is it possible that you roll a die and it comes up 6 three straight times?

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