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] - "I [Jill] should have been thrilled that he was letting me do my own thing, discover myself, become aware of my possibilities" (p. One, therefore, needs to question to whom this book is intended to appeal, and to whom it is supposed to help? " She was, "afraid to be angry with God ..." but what else could she be, considering all the problems she had with her husband -- implying that being angry with God can be a justified response to adversity or trials (p. - Pat makes a statement quite reminiscent of Larry Crabb's theology -- "She was dead, Pat decided. - The "For Further Thought and Discussion" section in the back of the book is loaded with psychological platitudes from humanistic psychology (e.g., "self-esteem, fear of rejection, self- image, feelings of inferiority," etc.) (pp. - The inside of the book's covers and the outer jacket contain 38 endorsements, some of which are from well-known psychologists and New Agers!An online survey by the newspaper Tyden found that 46 per cent approved while 46 per cent thought the idea was "absolute nonsense". The idea of love carriages comes as part of a broader plan to get more people using the public transport network in a city where narrow and twisting roads make driving and parking vexing, if not impossible, tasks. The domain is currently hosted on a server located in with the IP address - Jill sought "emotional intimacy outside the home" where others "saw her worth" (p. - Jill has a faulty concept of the sovereignty of God; i.e., "If You [God] cared for me wouldn't You want me to be happy in my marriage? There is absolutely no recognition by the authors of Jill's sinful response pattern nor her need to obey God regardless of her feelings (pp. -- all this, we are led to believe, is the Biblical way for a husband to "rekindle" his marriage. - Pat treats Jill's unwillingness to forgive him as being "unable" to forgive (p. - Lauds over and over again the help given by Ed Wheat, particularly in his psychologically-based book, , appear to be placing him in the category of God's prophet, and the book as having at least equal authority with the Bible (pp. (Wheat's B-E-S-T system is strikingly similar to Gary Smalley's "psychology of matriarchy," whereby the husband is to be manipulated to the point where he succumbs to the wife's every so-called need.) - Again demonstrates the complete feelings-oriented focus of Jill, along with Ed Wheat's prescription for pandering and groveling by Pat in order to win Jill back. 6).] - Views rebuilding a marriage in "Ed Wheat fashion" (i.e., pandering and groveling) as "You have to go at this like a recovering alcoholic" (p. - Pat lets Jill off the hook after all her sinful responses and her refusal to ask for his forgiveness by saying, "Self-acceptance [for her] after that would be difficult" (p. - Quotes favorably another so-called Christian psychologist, Tim La Haye (p. - Pat makes what could be called a "wife deification" statement -- Pat has come to believe that God is actually speaking to him through his wife, to the point that now, "When she suggests something, like having another baby, buying another van, moving, , I start by assuming it's probably of God" (p. [Pat has apparently, via the counsel of Ed Wheat, completely relinquished to his wife his God-given responsibility for spiritual leadership and decision-making. ] - Pat and Jill are now applying Wheat's B-E-S-T system to their children, to the point where the kids are now "" touching and hugging for themselves (p. - By the time the book is complete, Pat has given-in to every single self-centered demand of Jill's -- he's built up his upper body strength; he squeezes her orange juice every day; he's adopted Korean orphans; he constantly praises her whether it's warranted or not so that she can feel good about herself; he's wearing contact lenses and dressing more fashionably; he's bought her the fur coat she's always wanted; etc., etc.Each time you add or edit them, you must enter and check all these fields manually.It’s such a nightmare if you have hundreds or thoudsands posts because it’s slow, time-consuming and sometimes, inaccurate. All data should auto populate immediately without setup location database.

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