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is curated by the gallery’s curatorial assistant Tim Wagg and features five artists in the physical gallery space, presented alongside an online publication, two opening night performances and a series of public programmes.The scope of the show allows for an admirably nuanced treatment of its potentially dubious premise.

His impotence affects the fertility of his land, which is reduced to a barren wasteland.

all my lamps — but the problem with lamps is 2 fold. The beauty of these are that they are not expensive, you can get a pair for less than a 100 bucks — plus they are a tax right off towards your acting income.

The temperature of the light is usually very ‘yellow’ and the light isn’t directional — i.e. Here is a great post that can teach you how to properly set up your lights. Sound is always tricky with auditions because the readers’ voice is closer to the camera mic than yours. 1) Tell the reader to speak quietly and don’t stand too far away from the camera. There are quite a few options: from a directional shotgun mic that mounts on top of your camera, to a plug in mic that can just run along the floor to your feet. EDITING SOFTWARE If you have a Mac, it already comes with the i Movie app.

*NOTE — if you are shooting on your i Phone you need an adapter to be able to mount it. You need light hitting your face, not hitting it from above thus creating shadows.

I’ve experimented with countless different practical light sources, ie. These are collapsible light stands with daylight compact fluorescent light bulbs that are encased by a black fabric box except for a white side that is directed at your face.

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