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AD) found in the area of the Dollkeim-Kovrovo Culture, i.e. Bitner-Wróblewska, North-eastern Poland in first centuries AD – a world apart. Amber was a luxury good in the Roman Empire and rich and easy to explore deposits of amber were located on Samland.

in the present Kaliningrad Oblast of Russia and in north-eastern Poland (Fig. That is the reason why the Dollkeim-Kovrovo Culture exchanged it for other goods, e.g. Thanks to these trade and cultural connections, ornaments and belt fittings dating to the early Roman Period discovered in Samland are diverse.

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The most common were: eye brooches, fibulae types 42 and 72 (Fig.

2B) according to the system of Oscar Almgren’s classification, neckrings with trumpet-shaped terminals, impressive necklaces, bracelets with profiled terminals and so-called ´samland belts´ with open-work parts.

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